Who are the best people for spotting a cute baby ?

cute baby
(Image credit: The Perception Laboratory, School of Psychology, University of St. Andrews.)

The researchers entered photos of cute and less cute baby faces into a computer algorithm to come up with

A) an average cute male,

C) average cute female,

B) average less cute male, and

D) average less cute female.

Young women are substantially better than males of all ages in spotting a cute baby, revealing new research. The younger women beat older women at the job, too.

Past study has demonstrated that babies’ chubby cheeks, wide eyes, and broad foreheads might induce child-caring responses in mothers. But what generates this relationship between cuddly-cute babies and moms has been unclear.

Reiner Sprengelmeyer of the University of St. Andrews in Scotland saw something new parents across the globe have experienced: When his daughter was born, women exhibited a significantly more significant interest in the baby than males. “When my daughter was born, I realized that women respond entirely differently to babies than males,” Sprengelmeyer remarked. “Women are far more willing to stare at young babies than males.”

cute baby

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cute baby (Image Credit: gettyimages)

So he and his colleagues set out to uncover the reason. They collated photos of male and female baby faces that had been assessed previous to the research as cute and less cute, then utilized a computer algorithm to develop an average cute and average less-cute face for each gender.

Then, the researchers digitally modified the contours of faces in the photographs, resulting in five representations of each babyface along a continuum of less cute to more cute.

Study participants were given pairs of photos of the identical babyface at various locations along the attractiveness continuum.

Women of childbearing ages (between 19 and 51 years old) were four times better at selecting the prettiest babies than males of all ages and compared with older women aged 53 to 60 who were regarded beyond childbearing, Sprengelmeyer added.

Hormones implicated

Incomparable studies, the researchers evaluated pre-and postmenopausal women of a similar age (around 55) together with young women either using or not taking oral contraceptives containing progesterone and estrogen.

Postmenopausal women demonstrated a worse capacity to pick the prettiest babyface. In addition, women on the pill were better than women not taking the pill at assessing cuteness.

“These data definitely demonstrate that sexual hormones impact the capacity to notice minor changes in attractiveness,” Sprengelmeyer stated.

“We believe the sensitivity to modest variations in attractiveness helps the mother focus on the baby, to concentrate on the baby if the baby needs it. “A maturing child often becomes less cute, which allows the mother more time to focus on other tasks. This is just a wild guess.”

And babies that simply aren’t as cute as others are still young could not require as much attention, too, he reasoned. “It might be that the babies who don’t appear so cute are perhaps more mature and don’t require that much attention, and a cute-looking baby can be a sign of requiring much support and attention and care.”

Next, he intends to figure out how the results potentially connect to postpartum depression in certain women after having their babies. He says the capacity to recognize sweetness in a cute baby face is diminished in women suffering from postpartum.

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