how many earths can fit in Jupiter.


Jupiter/Earth comparison. Credit: NASA/SDO/Goddard/Tdadamemd

It’s no secret that Jupiter is the solar system‘s most giant planet. Jupiter is so massive that all the other planets in the solar system could fit within it. Jupiter can accommodate 1,300 Earths.

Jupiter is the fifth planet in the solar system. It is generally always the second brightest planet in the night sky from Earth. Venus is brighter. In honor of another Jupiter, the planet bears its name. In ancient Roman mythology, he ruled as the gods’ ruler.

The planet Jupiter is not as solid as Earth is. Gases make up Jupiter’s composition. Like stars, it’s composed of a variety of elements. In fact, Jupiter would have become a star if it were nearly 80 times larger.

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What Is Jupiter Like?

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The Galileo spacecraft took this photo of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot in 1996. Credits: The Galileo Project/JPL/NASA/APOD

The planet is a gigantic ball of gas. So Jupiter is dubbed a “gas giant” planet. Thick red, brown, yellow, and white clouds blanket the planet. The clouds make the planet appear like it has stripes. Jupiter is really windy. Over 400 mph winds are common in the area. Hurricanes and tornadoes can’t keep up with such speed!

Jupiter is famed for its Great Red Spot. A massive spinning storm can be seen in the red, swirling patch. It looks like a hurricane. The storm could fit about three and a half Earth across it.

Three narrow rings surround Jupiter. Its rings are not like Saturn’s rings. The rings of Jupiter are difficult to see. NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft detected the rings in 1979. Jupiter’s rings are made up largely of small pieces of dust.

Jupiter rotates, or spins, faster than any other planet. Earth takes nearly 24 hours to revolve once. Jupiter can only hold ten people at a time. As a result, a day lasts for around 10 hours on Jupiter. Because Jupiter is so distant from the Sun, it takes 12 Earth years to complete one orbit. As a result, one year on Jupiter is equivalent to around 12 years on Earth.

Jupiter has a frigid climate. Gravity is different, too. There is stronger gravity on Jupiter than on Earth. On Earth, a 100-pound person would be around 240 pounds heavy, and vice versa on Jupiter.

how many earths can fit in Jupiter

Jupiter dwarfs the Earth in terms of sheer mass. You’d be surprised at how much bigger Jupiter is than Earth if the two were side by side. It would nearly be like comparing a golf ball or a pebble to a basketball. Jupiter has a mass comparable to more than double the mass of all other planets in the solar system and a mean radius that is more than 10 times Earth’s mean radius. Jupiter could hold up to 13 Earth replicas in terms of mass alone. If you looked at size rather than mass, Jupiter could accommodate more than 1,000 Earths.

Size and Mass Comparison:

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Rough visual comparison of Jupiter, Earth, and the Great Red Spot. Approximate scale is 44 km/px. Credit: NASA/Brian0918/ Wikipedia Commons

To break the overall size disparity down, Jupiter has a mean radius of 69,911 ± 6 km (60217.7 ± 3.7 mi). As previously mentioned, this is nearly 2.5 times the mass of all the planets in the Solar System combined. Compared to Earth’s typical radius of 6,371.0 km (3,958.8 mi), you might claim that Earth fits within Jupiter nearly 11 times over (10.97 to be precise) (10.97 to be exact).

And as previously mentioned, Jupiter is more massive than all the other planets in our Solar System – 2.5 times as huge, that is. In fact, Jupiter weighs in at a whopping 1.8986 × 1027 kg (~4.1857 x 1027 lbs), or 1898.6 billion trillion metric masses (2.092 billion trillion US tons) (2.092 billion trillion US tons).

The Earth weighs 5.97 1024 kg (13.1668 1024 lb) – 5.97 trillion tons in metric units or 6.5834 trillion tons in American terms. Doing the arithmetic, we eventually conclude that Jupiter is roughly 317.8 times as massive as Earth.

Volume Comparison:

Radius calculations are only relevant if you want to place Earths side by side across the center of the gas giant. Furthermore, comparing their masses does not provide an accurate representation of their sizes since the planets’ densities vary greatly.

The entire volume, which can be calculated using the basic calculation of 4/3 x Pi x radius2, must be taken into account to determine how many Earths might really fit within three dimensions.

Doing the arithmetic, we learn that Jupiter has a volume of 1.43 x 1015 km³ (1,430 trillion cubic km; 343 trillion cubic mi), whereas Earth has a volume of 1.08 trillion km3 (259 million mi) (259 million mi). It’s possible to cram over 1300 Earth inside Jupiter by multiplying the two by 1299.

In sum, the monarch of the planets is much, much, MUCH larger than the planet we call home. Someday, if we ever aspire to live near Jupiter (i.e., inhabit its moons), we will be able to appreciate exactly how large it is up close. Until then, these amazing stats will have to satisfy!

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How Many Earths Can Fit Inside Jupiter?

1,300 Earths

How many Jupiters can fit inside the Sun?

1,000 Jupiters

Approximately 1,000 Jupiters may fit in the Sun, according to various calculations.

How many Earths could fit inside Jupiter Quizlet?

There are around 1,400 times as many Earths as there are in Jupiter’s volume (11.23)3, which means there might be as many as 1,400 Earth in Jupiter if it were squeezed in.

How many Earths could fit within Jupiter, supposing you could fill up all the volume )? Volume may be calculated by solving V = (43r3V4 3R3)V4 3R3.

Doing the arithmetic, we learn that Jupiter has a volume of 1.43 x 1015 km³ (1,430 trillion cubic km; 343 trillion cubic mi), whereas Earth has a volume of 1.08 trillion km3 (259 million mi) (259 million mi). It’s possible to cram over 1300 Earth inside Jupiter by multiplying the two by 1299.

How many Earths could fit across the surface of Jupiter group of answer choices?

Jupiter’s diameter is around 11 times that of Earth, meaning about 11 Earth’s could fit across Jupiter’s equator.

How many Earths fit in Jupiter’s Great Red Spot?

It would take 3.5 piles of Earth alone merely to fit across Jupiter’s red patch. Due to Jupiter’s enormous size compared to our little planet, it would take this many Earths to completely fill Jupiter.

How big is Earth vs. Jupiter?

With a radius of 43,440.7 miles (69,911 kilometers), Jupiter is 11 times wider than Earth. If Earth were the size of a nickel, Jupiter would be approximately as massive as a basketball. Jupiter is 5.2 AU from the Sun, or 484 million miles (778 million kilometers) distant on average.

Has Jupiter ever been explored?

Mankind has been studying Jupiter for more than 400 years. Nine spacecraft have visited Jupiter since 1973, and they’ve learned a lot about the planet.

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